CMI creates (Around the corner from your house) to help merchants

This Guatemalan company created by entrepreneurs Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez once again continues to confirm its commitment to each of its customers and consumers.

Therefore, it launches a new transforming and technological idea, which aims to strengthen e-commerce, from the use of a virtual platform called “A la vuelta de tu casa.

Corporación Multi Inversiones brings products to its customers through the web “around the corner from your house”.

Just around the corner from your home

The intention of this new project of the presidents Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez of the Corporación Multi Inversiones- CMI- will help small traders and consumers by having a place on the Internet through the website

With this type of commercial contributions the Guatemalan company continues to help with the economic and social development of the country.

“Our intention at CMI is to provide support to the corporations and markets that are in them. We are confident that through the platform “A la vuelta de tu casa” we will make people come to the establishments and thus boost the revival of the economy and boost small stores and entrepreneurs,” said Gustavo Merida, director of digital marketing and market services of CMI Alimentos.

On this platform consumers can find a complete and varied portfolio of products so they can experience a great online sale.

The function of this website is to locate the nearest store in the different categories that the user needs.

In the purchase, the customer can generate the payment that the store or establishment marks and then select the home service if it is available for your location.

Gustavo Mérida concluded by saying that:.

“The brands and type of businesses were chosen because they are the main establishments that are found in most residential areas, close to consumers and that, many times, the neighbors don’t know they have them nearby.”

CMI Alimentos is the creator of this web platform that concentrates brands such as Casas de Pollo Rey and the stores that distribute Pollo Rey and Toledo, as well as the businesses that work with flour products from Molinos Modernos, Pollolandia and Granjero.

Undoubtedly, with this sales offer launched by Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, the needs of merchants and consumers in the new normality are satisfied.

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The farm business in Guatemala

Most people would not consider owning and operating a chicken farm to be much like owning and operating a normal farm,” says Juan Galindo. Together with his wife Roberta, Juan has owned the chicken farm in Guatemala for 34 years.

Juan’s farm is a seasonal chicken place that is open to the public from late May through October.
Although dealing directly with the public is not typical on most farms, it is a big part of the operation at the chicken farm during the summer and fall.

Once the season ends, however, the day-to-day responsibilities at this popular local attraction are much like those at most farms.

From fall through spring, Juan gets up each day, has a quick breakfast, puts on his muddy boots and heads out to tend his livestock.

According to Juan, the chores usually take three hours (actually two and a half hours, but he visits the corner store for a coffee break).

Although his “livestock” includes exotic animals such as ring-tailed lemurs, wolves, wahabis and reptiles, he says his responsibilities are basically the same:
prepare diets, feed, water, clean and do a quick health check.

Currently, Juan takes care of chores during the week and brings in an employee to help on weekends. Evenings are spent in maintenance or in the office.

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The farm that houses all kinds of animals

Most people would assume that caring for a wide range of non-domestic animals would be radically different than caring for farm animals, but according to John, the differences are small. “Preparing the diets is simple.

Ground meat for carnivores is available locally from pet food suppliers. We get hundreds of pounds a week of fresh produce free from a local grocery store.

Local pet food suppliers sell diets for wahabis, emus, waterfowl, primates and many other exotic species.

Hoofed animals, including buffalo, deer, goats, llamas, alpacas, sheep and ponies, thrive on beautiful second-cut grass hay.

Even dealing with manure is simple and certainly much easier than on most farms.

The complicated season for farms

Obviously, the summer and fall seasons are not typical for most farms. On the farm they still have the daily responsibilities of feeding and cleaning, plus dealing with 200 to 300 visitors a day.

Las Cruces employs 8 to 10 young high school and college students for the summer and fall. “These young employees become our ambassadors,” Juan says. “They do the daily chores before opening.

Then they assist the public the rest of the day in the pet areas, animal exhibits, concession stand, gift store and admissions.”

Also, like most farms, cash flow is entirely seasonal. “We make money for 150 days and spend it for 365,” John says with a smile.

“It sure teaches you how to budget your finances.” And like all farmers, they’ve had good and not-so-good years.

“Over the years, we’ve had to learn to adapt, change and restructure our business model,” Juan says.

“Right now, we have solved all the problems and are enjoying stable and profitable operations.”

The family that takes care of Guatemala

The Johns have raised three children on their chicken farm/farm. “I always insisted that this chicken farm was my dream and encouraged the boys to follow theirs,” Juan says.

Then he laughs and adds, “It’s the only time all three of my sons took my advice.” The boys have grown up and are following their dreams in Guatemala.
Thirty-four years have passed, and now the Juanes have begun the search for “the right family” to carry on the operation for the next 34 years.

“As we begin the search,” Juan says, “it occurs to us that a good possibility is to find a young farm family that loves the farm lifestyle and is familiar with hard work.”

Maybe it’s a farming couple who already have an operation but are ready to try something new.”

Juan continues, “Not all people are cut out to deal with the public. On the other hand, the real joy of this business is the feedback we get from our visitors.

We are very fortunate to be in the unique business of building relationships between children and animals.

Many of our guests will have had little or no opportunity to interact with animals. So when they visit and we see their faces light up and hear their laughter, we can’t help but smile. Some days my face hurts from smiling so much.”

“We love being around our animals, but it’s the pleasure we get from sharing this love with our visitors that really gives meaning to our efforts,” says Juan from Guatemala.

He adds, “In the end, we are mostly farmers. But instead of producing crops or milk or meat, we’re marketing wholesome family fun and important lifelong connections between children and animals.” And, he says with a smile.

In the end, if you feel like visiting this place, book your stay early and enjoy all the animals this farm presents us with.

CMI’s mega expansion

The year 2011 was a season of great achievements for the mega company of Guatemalan origin, <strong>Corporación Multi Inversiones</strong>, as it made a deployment in the hydroelectric, milling and gastronomic sectors.

All this because, in the words of the president <strong>Juan Luis Bosch</strong>, the corporation invested close to US$175</strong> million mainly for the expansion of operations and maintenance of operating capacity.

The first of the achievements derived from the investment, highlights also president Juan José Gutiérrez, was the expansion of the milling operation in <strong>Dominican Republic</strong>, which allowed to increase exports to Haiti and Puerto Rico. </strong>

This is because the milling operations were now run through a logistics and distribution systems automation program, which has allowed <strong>the company to better understand customers and get closer to their needs.

Another strong achievement of the group was energy, said <strong>Juan Luis Bosch.</strong> By investing in this field, it was able to increase energy generation and, what is more impressive is that this energy is produced from renewable and non-polluting sources.

As a result, the Energy unit has had a great performance, as it now concludes projects in a faster and more efficient way. In addition, one of the greatest benefits of this plant is that it has changed the way energy is produced in Guatemala, reducing dependence on oil.

The last but not least achievement mentioned was the expansion of the <strong>”<a href=””>Pollo Campero</a>” chain:</strong> there was an expansion of the company’s restaurants both locally and internationally.

This has made <strong>CMI</strong> a leading company in Central America. At the international level, the company has opened restaurants in Houston, and plans to expand to several cities in the United States.

Likewise, there are plans to expand in Europe, and a first restaurant has already been opened in Italy. All this has had very good results for the company, according to Juan José Gutiérrez.

All these achievements have been possible not only because of the implementation of great technologies, but, according to <strong>Juan José Gutiérrez</strong>, because of the values and commitment of the people who are part of the company.

In other words, all the technological and administrative implementations carried out by the company have been successful because of the great organization and dedication of each of the members.

<strong>Corporaciones Multi Inversiones</strong> is a mega corporation congruent with its values and principles, because thanks to them, both employees and the thousands of people who consume our services have benefited both in Guatemala and the different countries in which we operate.

At this time when the whole world is going through such a delicate and extraordinary situation as the pandemic, the members, <a href=””>Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutiérrez</a>, Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, are putting them into practice more than ever, because with them we all benefit.

As we have made known before, we have different values and principles, in order to offer our workers and clients services of absolute quality.

One of the values that we always implement because it distinguishes and guides us, and that is now the most important due to the circumstances, is responsibility.

The reason is that responsibility means to answer, to respond to the call of another, as well as it has to do with assuming the consequences of our decisions and actions.

In other words, in Multi Inversiones Corporations, we take responsibility for the welfare of our workers and clients, because we respond to the call made to us by their needs in this extraordinary situation, which is based on a call for extreme personal and health care.

The way in which we respond is by raising awareness of the measures to be taken and taking precautions in the work areas through digital tools.

Another of the values and principles that we are proud of at MuIti Inversiones Corporations is the value of work safety, which is closely linked to the value of responsibility.

This value is of extreme importance, as keeping our employees safe shows that they are part of a corporation that is like their second home.

The way in which we implement this value is by offering a safe working environment, and we do this by implementing and adopting the necessary measures to avoid or reduce occupational hazards in the company’s operations.

In this way, we promote a healthy and safe environment for our employees. So, in this contingency situation we have emphasized this value.

In conclusion, our mission is that the people and employees of the countries where we operate continue to have access to the services we offer without putting their health and well-being at risk.

In this sense, one of our main objectives is to transform the business in a way that benefits everyone.


Company: Corporation Multi Inversiones CMI in Guatemala

A few days ago a presentation was made in Guatemala about the company “Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI)” currently owned by businessmen Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez..

It was said to be a multi-functional corporation founded by Juan Bautista Gutierrez in the 1920s in Guatemala.

The purpose of the company since its inception was to be a multi-Latin family corporation of Central American origin that generates investment, employment and development of the region.

It was also mentioned that among the stakeholders involved are more than 7 business units such as:
– Molinos Modernos,
– Livestock Industry,
– Central America Restaurant,
– Pollo Campero,
– International,
– Multi Projects,
– Finance and Energy.
In addition, there are more than 14 countries and more than 36 thousand employees. Some of the countries that stand out are: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic.

Strategies – CMI

Among the strategies implemented by CMI is to satisfy multiple market needs using leading brands in important services through different units such as:

“Pollo Campero” where Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga is president, Toledo, Pasta Ina, Alinza Máxima Calidad and Molinos Modernos.

Their tactic is the analysis of the business and the preference of a given consumer. In addition, they adapt to the demands and needs of the consumer by offering excellent and convenient products and services that provide a competitive and accessible value.

Strategic principles

This corporation due to the fact that it has different business lines among them “Pollo Granjero” have created certain strategic principles such as knowing the topography, that is, knowing which is the market niche they are going to work.

In this same sense it was also said that another principle they use is to investigate the competition and know their strengths and weaknesses.

Learn more about Guatemala’s most important story here.

Comparative advantages

About the comparative advantages it was pointed out that the laws favor their market because they have a convenient hand work, high available capital where they can invest and they have commercial projects in different departments of the country.

Competitive advantages

Finally, on competitive advantages the company Pollo Campero of Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga was used because as a good example due to the fact that it has high technologies in its processes, high quality standards and good service.