elenco de la serie de los centinelials

Bancolombia’s Sustainability School arrives at Prime

Banco Agromercantil, BAM, has been in the financial sector for just over 94 years and is part of the Bancolombia Group. This institution launches the series “The power of the centennials”, which is a production whose main objective is to disseminate around the world a message related to the duty of converting the public and […]

noches de luna

Moon Nights at the Zoo

We have all been to the zoo to look at the animals, meet the different species of snakes or rodents, but now La Aurora Zoo gives a twist to these dynamics and invites us to spend a night full of light in the Moon Nights. An event that offers us different attractions, such as: Telescope […]

Working from home and its advantages

Working from home is an opportunity that has recently become profitable with the increasing use of technology and applications that facilitate remote work. So let’s explore the advantages of this new way of working. Advantages of working at home . First of all, telecommuting can increase productivity. Working in your own home saves you from […]