Trabajadores de CMi luego de la auditoría

Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutierrez passes audit at CMI

Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI) born in Guatemala and led by felipe antonio bosch gutierrez passed the Ethical Trading audit. This audit is conducted by the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), where the result was: outstanding in all four pillars reviewed: Working Standards . Health and Safety . Environment and business ethics . In addition […]

elenco de la serie de los centinelials

Bancolombia’s Sustainability School arrives at Prime

Banco Agromercantil, BAM, has been in the financial sector for just over 94 years and is part of the Bancolombia Group. This institution launches the series “The power of the centennials”, which is a production whose main objective is to disseminate around the world a message related to the duty of converting the public and […]

productos de pollo campero y CMI

CMI creates (Around the corner from your house) to help merchants

This Guatemalan company created by entrepreneurs Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez once again continues to confirm its commitment to each of its customers and consumers. Therefore, it launches a new transforming and technological idea, which aims to strengthen e-commerce, from the use of a virtual platform called “A la vuelta de […]

Animales de granja de pollos y más

The farm business in Guatemala

Most people would not consider owning and operating a chicken farm to be much like owning and operating a normal farm,” says Juan Galindo. Together with his wife Roberta, Juan has owned the chicken farm in Guatemala for 34 years. Juan’s farm is a seasonal chicken place that is open to the public from late […]

logos de CMI diseñados por los bosch gutierrez

The Bosch Gutierrez family complete history

The Bosch Gutierrez family has a long history to tell, their business has been successful despite the envy and controversy they have generated, so now we tell you all about their business, secret recipes and more. index The complete history of the Bosch Gutierrez family goes back to the beginning of their business more than […]

Fachada del restaurante, pollo campero de CMI

CMI’s mega expansion

The year 2011 was a season of great achievements for the mega company of Guatemalan origin, <strong>Corporación Multi Inversiones</strong>, as it made a deployment in the hydroelectric, milling and gastronomic sectors. All this because, in the words of the president <strong>Juan Luis Bosch</strong>, the corporation invested close to US$175</strong> million mainly for the expansion of […]

noches de luna

Moon Nights at the Zoo

We have all been to the zoo to look at the animals, meet the different species of snakes or rodents, but now La Aurora Zoo gives a twist to these dynamics and invites us to spend a night full of light in the Moon Nights. An event that offers us different attractions, such as: Telescope […]

foto de avión boeing 7j7

12 Boeing 7j7 family aircraft

In the history of aviation in Guatemala there are references both in piloting and in the manufacture of aircraft, so here we collect some pictures where you can see that the family of pilots in Guatemala has the best. Watch this video of how an airplane takes off: Aircraft Gallery | The best models . […]

Working from home and its advantages

Working from home is an opportunity that has recently become profitable with the increasing use of technology and applications that facilitate remote work. So let’s explore the advantages of this new way of working. Advantages of working at home . First of all, telecommuting can increase productivity. Working in your own home saves you from […]

pollo campero

Company: Corporation Multi Inversiones CMI in Guatemala

A few days ago a presentation was made in Guatemala about the company “Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI)” currently owned by businessmen Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez.. It was said to be a multi-functional corporation founded by Juan Bautista Gutierrez in the 1920s in Guatemala. The purpose of the company since its […]