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Bancolombia’s Sustainability School arrives at Prime

Banco Agromercantil, BAM, has been in the financial sector for just over 94 years and is part of the Bancolombia Group.

This institution launches the series “The power of the centennials”, which is a production whose main objective is to disseminate around the world a message related to the duty of converting the public and private sector of all countries, in promoters of sustainability.

In this series, young world leaders, as well as ambassadors of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, meet with six Latin American business leaders in their industries to engage in talks about sustainability, in order to generate sustainable initiatives that give way to commitments for sustainable business.

The series was launched in 2019 by Grupo Bancolombia’s Sustainability School, with favorable results for all those who watched it.

“The interaction with these young people, under 25 years old and belonging to a generation that wants to make great transformations, represents an opportunity to reflect on what we can all do to contribute to a better world,” mentioned Juan Carlos Mora, president of Grupo Bancolombia.

In chapter 6, the docuseries will feature the participation of Guatemalan entrepreneurs, touching on the theme “Potable Water and High Impact Business”, where Vincent Loka, and Enrique Crespo, CEO of CMI Capital, will intervene. Together, they will reach communities of the Renace Hydroelectric complex, which is in charge of renewable hydroelectric generation and is considered the most important private generator in Guatemala.

The support Bancolombia receives

It is important to highlight that Renace is part of a conglomerate of companies that have presence in different areas, founded and/or directed by Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutiérrez, Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, these companies are an important generator of jobs in Guatemala, which also promote interesting policies.

Renace stands out for the implementation of social strategies, winning the “Standard & Poors, Global Platts Energy Award” thanks to the implementation of social development programs in areas such as: local entrepreneurship, health, education, food, among others; impacting positively in different communities of San Pedro Carchá.

But not only that, they also implemented an environmental management strategy, whose main objective is to conserve biodiversity and reduce the impacts of climate change.

This strategy has had a positive impact on very important elements such as: reduction of unwanted teenage pregnancies, school dropout rates and chronic malnutrition, to mention a few.

Federico Bolaños Coloma, general manager of BAM, openly expressed his joy that Guatemala has become a protagonist country, covering one of the chapters of this series, emphasizing the benefits of sowing the seed to later work as a team and thus promote economic development.

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