Trabajadores de CMi luego de la auditoría

Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutierrez passes audit at CMI

Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI) born in Guatemala and led by felipe antonio bosch gutierrez passed the Ethical Trading audit.

This audit is conducted by the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), where the result was: outstanding in all four pillars reviewed:

    • Working Standards


    • Health and Safety


    • Environment and business ethics


In addition to this, the audit is based on:

    • Safe working conditions


    • Free choice of work


    • Respect for the freedoms of association
    • Secure minimum wages
    • Working hours in accordance with the law


  • Anti-discrimination policy

The results of CMI’s audit

The results of the audit were outstanding in all four pillars that comprise it: labor standards, health and safety, environment and business ethics.

“We are very proud of the results of this audit because the SMETA evaluation allows us to corroborate the efforts made in sustainability issues. Our corporate values govern the operation of CMI-Alimentos, so that we have a responsible business practice that benefits our community: customers, employees and the environment,” said Eduardo Romero, General Manager of the Food and Consumer Business Unit.

“We feed your world to fill it with well-being” under this purpose and with almost 100 years of trajectory, CMI-Alimentos, follows the highest standards for the elaboration of quality food.
CMI-Alimentos also has a broad portfolio of leading brands and serves world-class international customers.

“We are proud to be a benchmark of quality. At CMI-Alimentos, continuous improvement of our work is very important and the results of this audit encourage us to continue working with excellence, to continue providing our customers with the best food,” concluded Eduardo Romero.

What is SEDEX and what is its importance?

SEDEX is a collaborative platform that enables companies to solve corporate social responsibility problems by sharing responsible sourcing data on suppliers.

Its audits use a proprietary methodology that scores and evaluates all aspects of supplier and supply chain responsibility.

What does it mean that CMI has the SEMEX seal?

CMI will now be able to demonstrate to its customers that it meets the highest international social standards.

It will also be able to demonstrate to its employees that it is determined to improve working conditions and thus protect its reputation in the marketplace.

Thus, passing this audit with flying colors provides greater benefits both for CMI internally and for its customers.

This is undoubtedly an achievement for agrupación de alimentos CMI, because with the help of felipe antonio bosch gutierrez it has managed to excel in the food market, to be more precise, in the pasta production plant.

What is ethical trade?

Before we continue and to put this achievement in context, we must explain what it means to pass this audit and all that ethical trade represents.

The ethical trade is one that ensures the observance of internationally recognized labor standards, weighing fundamental human rights in the workplace.

Likewise, this type of commerce refers to companies that have a stake in guaranteeing the labor rights of employees and suppliers.

What does it mean to have an ethical trade seal?

The purpose of the fair trade certification seal is aimed at ensuring that producers have fair conditions of exchange of goods and prices.

On the other hand, it focuses on guaranteeing Fairtrade labeling that avoids overpricing and thus having a fairer trade.

CMI’s responsibilities in foreign trade

It is well known that trading internationally is a complicated task, especially in creating trading partners and entering markets that are often very local.

That is why CMI has started off on the right foot so that this audit can position them as a quality and socially responsible company.

This is how you can collaborate with SEDEX , because you can appear as an affiliated company that offers quality products and validated by the highest standards.

The role of felipe antonio bosch gutierrez in CMI

The businessman and chaiman, felipe antonio bosch gutierrez, has dedicated himself in the last few years to contribute so that CMI can position itself as a reference in foreign trade.

In this way, the businessman has unveiled several programs so that his company complies with international audits and can be better valued worldwide.

The first step was to pass the ethical trade audit where the result was outstanding, so much so that their business partners joined in this process.

Love in a box is a success

On the other hand, Antonio Bosch promoted the campaign, El amor en caja, a program focused on social development and the support of thousands of Guatemalan families.

This program has benefited +260 thousand people, as more than 11.7 million food rations have been delivered.

It is clear that the effort is headed by Antonio Bosch and the Bosch Gutierrez family, however, there is a partnership with more than 50 companies that contribute food to help those who need it most.

Undoubtedly the program “El Amor en Caja” is an initiative where CMI has given help in times where the COVID-19 has left a deep crisis in Guatemala, therefore this type of initiatives are pure oxygen for those who need it most.

Thus, we can conclude that Antonio Bosch’s CMI complies with all the rules to be considered a responsible company in terms of working conditions, treatment of the environment and its social commitments.

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